Theme Of Control In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Control is a strong aspect to have when it comes to keeping anything or anyone in order. While some individual can abuse the control, they carry. Usually when that happens the character is usually known as evil character. When it comes to chaos nothing is ever great; there's always danger and, catastrophic actions occurring. In the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest written by Ken Kesey; control and chaos are used regularly by Nurse Ratched and Randle McMurphy. Nurse Ratched is the top nurse in charge and, she wishes nothing but dominate control over the men. Her voice gets polite and controlling when she gets angry with the patients. Her tightly rolled hair implies the horns on her head, lending a visual weight to her role as McMurphy’s …show more content…

I find it quite amusing at the fact that he describes her as a robot with no heart. “Across the room from the Acutes are the culls of the Combine’s product, the Chronic. Not in the hospital, these, to get fixed, but just to keep them from walking around the streets giving the product a bad name. Chronic are in for good, the staff concedes. Chronic are divided into Walkers like me, can still get around if you keep them fed, and Wheelers and Vegetables. What the Chronic are—or most of us—are machines with flaws inside that can’t be repaired, flaws born in, or flaws beat in over so many years of the guy running head-on into solid things that by the time the hospital found him he was bleeding rust in some vacant lot” (2-5). Being able to dividing individuals into sections is pretty much mind control. People should be able to engage with others from different backgrounds, and not be afraid to do so. Nurse Ratched has all her patients scared to know their true masculine traits because technically in the story women run the world. McMurphy on the other side talks to Nurse Ratched any way he likes and, doesn't obey her commands at all. This the type of rebellious chaos is what the men in the facility need because the patients are so scared to laugh or even speak on their own beliefs without getting punished in the …show more content…

“There was times that week when I’d hear that full-throttled laugh, watch [McMurphy] scratching his belly and stretching and yawning and leaning back to wink at whoever he was joking with, everything coming to him just as natural as drawing breath, and I’d quit worrying about the Big Nurse and the Combine behind her. I’d think he was strong enough being his own self that he would never back down the way she was hoping he would. I’d think, maybe he truly is something extraordinary. He’s what he is, that’s it. Maybe that makes him strong enough, being what he is. The Combine hasn’t got to him in all these years; what makes the nurse think she’s gonna be able to do it in a few weeks? He’s not gonna let them twist him and manufacture him” (32). Every patient in the novel fears the big nurse. McMurphy isn't scared of the big nurse at all because in his state he's just a human being who's a woman. He shows the men in hospital that it's okay to be the man you need to be in his establishment. With McMurphy not backing down to the big nurse and, his cockiness this brings hope to the patients. The patients believe that McMurphy can change the way the rules are set in the hospital and, other men can be confident just like him. Randle shows no fear at many events in the novel, but he is slightly cautious with actions when he

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