Theme Of Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Osajele Ikheloa Mrs. A Green AP Lang/Comp A Period 4 15 December 2014 The Insanity behind Tesla Bans In our society, we often interpret insanity as any behavior that is not within societal norms. Ken Kesey, in his novel One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, challenges this interpretation as he depicts life in a mental ward. At times, the characters deemed “insane” in the novel appear saner than the “sane” characters who govern the ward. Kesey achieves this effect through the characterization of Randle McMurphy, a loud, clever, and untraditional ward patient. He stirs up the ward as he rebels against the trivial rules enforced by Nurse Ratched (the head of the ward). Similar to McMurphy’s presence in the mental ward, Tesla Motors has stirred up …show more content…

The difference between Tesla cars and traditional cars is in the type of emissions the cars produce. There are three types of emissions: “in-use, upstream and vehicle-manufacturing emissions” (Kliesch). In use emissions are those produced when actually driving the car. Upstream emissions are the product of “producing and transporting the fuel a car uses to its point of use” (Kliesch). Lastly, manufacturing related emissions, are those that result from manufacturing vehicles. Unlike traditional gasoline vehicles, electric cars do not have any in-use emissions. This drastically reduces the emissions we emit into the earth. To put this in context, “burning 1 gallon of gasoline pushes more than 19 pounds of CO2 out of your vehicle’s tailpipe”(Kliesch). As many know, gases like CO2 are classified as greenhouse gases. These gases trap heat inside the earth which causes the phenomenon known as global warming. The warming of the earth causes many destructive processes to take place such as the melting of the polar icecaps. With the ban of Tesla sales also comes the inhibition of the vehicle that provides a solution to a cleaner earth. Furthermore, the inhibition of progress by Texas lawmakers can be seen as an act of

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