Analysis Of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon is a about Christopher Boone, a young boy with special needs, who goes on a quest to find the murderer of a neighbor’s dog, but later to seek salvation from that same murderer. Christopher lives with his father because he was told that his mother had passed away two years previously. His neighbor’s dog, Wellington, dies and he is seeking justice. Although his father tries to stop him from snooping around, he finds loopholes and disobeys his father in an attempt to mimic Sherlock Holmes. Through unfortunate events his father is forced to tell him not only that he had killed Wellington but that his mother was alive and well! Christopher does not trust his father and does not feel …show more content…

He did not even know his mother was alive for the first half of the novel. At the beginning of the book, Christopher and his father had a good relationship. They fought a little, but it was all healthy and natural. That all changes when the truth about Wellington and his mother came out. Christopher attempted to break off all connections with his father and reunited with his mother. The problem with this was that Christopher and his mother do not get along anywhere near as well as him and his father. His father has the patience and tolerance to deal with Christopher’s special conditions that his mother just did not. Naturally, Christopher and his father would have to end up fixing the broken relationship. His father makes a massive headway when he replaces Christopher’s pet rat, Toby, with a golden retriever puppy that he named Sandy. Toby and Siobahn are really Christopher’s only friends at the start of the novel. Christopher unfortunately loses Toby, but it is made right when he obtains Sandy. And we never actually see Siobahn in the book, because she is only shown in Christopher’s memories. His social life takes crazy unexpected turns that take his world and flip it upside down. Throughout the novel, Christopher replaces one of his two friends, breaks off the relationship with his father then mends it, and lastly reunites with his mother whom he thought was

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