Curious Presence Of The Dog In The Nighttime Essay

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Things are not always as they seem to be. What appears on the outside is not always what is on the inside. This is what Mark Haddon is trying to portray in his book, The Curious Incidence of the Dog in the Nighttime. The book is about Christopher, a high schooler who wants to get good grades and loves dogs. Christopher also has Aspergers.. Reading this book, the reader is able to appreciate and understand what it is like to live with specials needs and develop a better understanding of some of the struggles the children and adults with special needs go through on a regular basis. In addition one is reminded that there are more similarities between people who have autism and those with no mental illnesses or disorders than differences. Christopher …show more content…

Some people like to be neat, others prefer to be messy. Some people have 46 chromosomes, some have 47, and some people’s brains work faster than others. Just because they need different things, does not mean they are different and can not interact with each other. When it comes to those with mental illnesses and disorders, they are treated as less, when really they may be more. They are the people who learn how to cope with something and keep on living. While a “normal” person looks at them with pity, they look at the “normal” person with pity for not being able to see as they do. Often times people with special needs are the kindest, most thoughtful, sweetest people, but will not have many friends because they are perceived as different and people are scared of being different. It is important to remember that everyone is different. What makes someone different should not define them. For example, someone with glasses is not defined as having glasses, they are just an accessory to help them see. The same can be said for someone with special needs, it is an accessory which they have to make them unique. Someone with special needs is more than their diagnosis, they are a person who loves dogs, wants to do well in

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