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Cyrano de Bergerac
Qu 'est-ce un bon jeu. Which also means “what a good play” in french. I mean why wouldn’t you want to speak french after seeing this play. The play was very heartwarming and hilarious in many ways more than one. Being Cyrano is hard when you 're part of the french army. What makes it worse is that he is falling in love with Lady Roxane who is his distant cousin. Something stands in his way from whatever he does. It’s his nose. He has much self-doubt about it which prevents him from wanting to express his love for Roxane. He believes his nose prevents him from even being loved by an ugly woman.
The plot was lucid, maybe because it’s a professional play. It was very clear and understandable to what was going on in the play. The introduction to Cyrano was very interesting. Cyrano, whose personality was shown, when interrupting the play that was being performed in the Hotel Burgundy called “Clorise”. Things started to get interesting when Cyrano writes a letter to Roxane expressing his love for her. Problems would happen throughout the play because Roxane doesn’t have the same feelings for him. Which was very interesting to see how Cyrano reacted to this heartbreaking …show more content…

It made me see Paris in a more romantic and poetic way. It was very interesting to see how Cyrano would deal with things that would or would not go his way. It was time to close your ears because you wouldn’t want to hear the heartbreaking news that Cyrano would have to deal with, or the times Cyrano would almost get caught. This play was not as good as I thought a professional play would be. It just didn’t reach the standards I had for a play. Although this play was very interesting because of the main character Cyrano that I thought was like the superman of the play. I would rate this a five out of ten from all the plays I have seen so far. Overall I had a fun time laughing at Cyrano 's nose and then get bummed out with the news he had to deal

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