Daisy Buchanan Individualism

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Individualism represents the moral worth of an individual, also known as socialism. Jay Gatsby throughout the book was seeking a higher moral worth and the acceptance of others, specifically, Daisy Buchanan. But there was a social difference between Gatsby and Daisy. Gatsby was from West Egg and Daisy from East Egg. He went through so many obstacles to become the great Gatsby. He presents the exact definition of the American dream.
There are two main locations in The Great Gatsby, West Egg and East Egg. East Egg is more glamorous with old wealth. This is where Daisy and her husband Tom reside in. On the other side there is West Egg; West Egg is considered new wealth. Not as valuable as if you were born rich. This social barrier shows that the …show more content…

Gatsby’s dream was Daisy. He taught that by working hard and earning a high social statue he could be with Daisy. In pg.63 Jordan was speaking to nick about Gatsby whereabouts and the favor he wanted nick to grant him. “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay.” said Jordan. Gatsby’s dram failed because he was in love with the memory of a daisy he meet in Louisville while enlisted in the army. The affair ended because Daisy would never have given up social position for a man who could never fit into her world and Gatsby was a man who cannot help but live in the …show more content…

Or was smitten by the person he became. She realized what Gatsby’s had gone through just to be able to be with her. Gatsby showed her love and kindness. Something she never received from Tom. She fell for the social class and money not for him. Maybe Gatsby was trying hard to find love where there wasn’t any. He imagined a perfect life being married with Daisy and having a family.
Jay Gatsby in the novel believes social worth is important. He lied about his past and became a criminal just to be accepted by a girl. Yet he reinforced the possibility that anyone, no matter his origins, could become a success. He accomplishes social class and wealth in a society dominated by “old wealth.” His wealth wasn’t seemed as valuable. Or at least people like tom thought so. Tom said to nick, “I suppose the latest thing is to sit back and let Mr. Nobody from Nowhere make love to your wife.” He considered Gatsby a nobody. But the truth is that he didn’t know Gatsby. Nobody did.
Gatsby is the perfect example of the American spirit of individual success. He wasn’t like Tom Buchanan or any other of the east eggers who came from “old money.” Gatsby did it all by himself. Although it was through crime, Gatsby an individual style that set him apart from others. His parties were legendary and his personal life a mystery. He was the Great

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