Daisy's Relationship In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby the novel was written by F.Scott Fitzgerald. It was published in 1925 and is based around the 1920’s and is about a mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and the love he had for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan. The main idea in the text was the relationships, specially the relationship between Gatsby, Daisy and her husband Tom. This relationship formed a love triangle as Gatsby loved Daisy very much and Daisy was conflicted between her husband Tom and ex-boyfriend Gatsby. Tom and Gatsby made Daisy very confused about who she wanted to be with. Gatsby got very pushy with Daisy and was asking a lot from her when she was going to tell Tom that she was leaving him “Oh, you want too much!”. This made Daisy more confused and flustered.…show more content…
Daisy was the love of his life and his love for her killed him. This made me feel sympathy for him because he did so much for her and she never truly appreciated all he did for her. I felt sympathy for him when she didn’t call him to tell me that she hadn’t left Tom “No telephone message arrived.”. She never called Gatsby, which meant that she made her choice, which was to stay with her husband and with this choice she ended up going away with her husband. She choice Tom and didn’t even give the curiosity of telling Gatsby that she had chosen Tom. All she did was leave with Tom and she didn’t go to Gatsby’s funeral and didn’t acknowledge the fact that the reason Gatsby had been killed was because of something she did. This relates to society today because normal life today is like this. People come in and out of people’s lives without any notice. When they leave it can hurt can make a big change in people’s lives. Also relates to being being convicted for something that they didn’t do. It happens all the time in today's world, people getting accused of the wrong thing and paying the price for something they didn’t do, while the person who did it lives a happy and normal life, not getting punished for something they did. It tells us that life can be unfair. This also made me feel sympathy for Gatsby because only one person showed up to his funeral, a side from all the reporters who were only there to take photo for their stories about how Gatsby was the one who killed the mistress. Out of all the parties he held and all the people that came to them only one person showed up and that was Nick, not even the love of his life showed up to say good-bye. This relates to society as some people only want to be friends with people because of what they have not who they are. When that person has lost all that and in this cause don’t have
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