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The Dalai Lama is a very Important figure in the world, he has been awarded many awards, as well been presented on many television shows, his thoughts and his ideals has lead him to be a very respected figure by many leaders, although he is highly respected by most of the world others despises him, his history started as one of the Buddhism monks and he reached their highest rank, he has many followers who shares his beliefs, even his name Dalai Lama means ocean of wisdom. It’s taken for granted that Dalai Lama played an important role in the world in general and on China in particular, his impact on the Chinese society is amazing and his influence is as great as the Tibet monks in history. There is no doubt that Dalai Lama has become a very…show more content…
In 1949 the Dalai Lama has travelled to Beijing, where he started his quest for peace, he spoke with many of the Chinese leaders to try to be peaceful with the Tibetan people opposing the Chinese army while the invasion of Tibet.After many conflicts Dalai Lama was sentenced to exile, where he lived in India, the Chinese army attacked him and accused him of hypocrisy and the lack of wisdom for opposing them, that didn’t stop his quest for peace, he was a pacifist person, as well ecologist activist, one of his aims was to preserve the environment, that lead this figure to be a highly respected one especially by the western cultural for his peaceful quest. He earned for himself many degrees from western universities as well as the noble prize, all because of his belief that we are equal and no one needs to change their own religion to become better or to improve, that ideal was very welcomed by the western society, the idea of…show more content…
That form of religion sees that life is just a cycle we are all going for, the difference between the myth and the truth is very distinctive confirming real events with evidence to support it, the “Samsara” it’s a religious belief that believes in rebirth of the soul in another form or body, without any real evidence to support it, in my point of view I believe that this is myth as there is no evidence to support it. Even though the Dalai Lama beliefs are based on myth, he respected other people point view, he believed that religion is something personal, and is not reason for wars or conflicts, his idea was equality and to spread world peace, that’s why the west welcomed his ideals very much and respected him for

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