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Dalit Literature: Writings of Revolt and Assertion I 'm now the sea; I soar, I surge, I move out to build your tombs. The winds, storms, sky, earth, Now all are mine. In every inch of the rising struggle, I stand erect. (J.V Pawar" I have Become the Tide") The above lines by J.V Pawar echo the rebellious outburst of an oppressed soul. There is a projection of the feeling of resentment and a desire for equality which form the most integral part of Dalit writings. The new Dalit writing is ready to demolish the unequal and unjust social order and it is replacing the humble urge for acceptance found in early Dailt literature with an angry assertion.Sharan Kumar Limbale writes that 'rejection ' and 'revolt ' in Dalit literature have been birthed from the womb of Dalits ' pain. They are directed against an inhuman system that was imposed on them. Just as the anguish expressed in Dalitliterature is in the nature of a collective social voice, similarly the rejection and revolt are social and collective. During an interview to The Hindu, Limbale expresses his views about Dalitliterature, "It expresses the pain and pangs of the Dalitexistence ; it is the lived reality of crores of people living on the margins of the life in India; it verbalizes the…show more content…
Dalits are often forbidden from using same religious temples, living in same areas and marrying into the families of the country 's upper castes. To unfold all these problems to the society,Dalitliterature has come into existence. It protests against all forms of exploitationbased on class, race, caste or occupation. It had not been recognized as a literature till 1970 but now its name is being heard all around the world. It has made the people think against the exploitation and suppression. The rise of this literature marks a new chapter for India 's

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