Dana Gioia's Why Literature Matters

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In this essay, "Why Literature Matters", author Dana Gioia sets up an argument about literature. Which she uses various ways to persuade her audience be in favor of her proposal; by showing statistic evidence, facts, and historical evidence, as well as some ironies, diction, and the appeals to reader's emotion. First of all, Gioia begins with strong appeals to reader's logos by clearly laying out the statistic source. For example, "According to the 2002 survey of Public Participation in the Arts, the reading population of the Americans is declining." In turn, is an attempt to point out the thesis statement and make the readers to think out about this topic wile reading through her essay. In order to make her audience keep interests in her speech, she also uses rhetorical device - irony. Where she mentioned in the sixth paragraph that the survey which is made by National Association of employees in 2001, shows 38 percent of the employers complained the schools inadequately taught reading comprehension. While the concern and the curiosity raised among readers, this persuasive technique have effectively enhances the power of Gioia arguments that her audiences will agree to take her side. Along with strong logos appeals, writer also effectively makes the allusion …show more content…

The significance of reading has become a persistent theme in the business world. The February issue of Wired magazine, for instant, created a new set of mental skills to the 21st century, aptitudes decidedly literary in character: not “linear, logical, analytical talents.“The ability to create artistic and emotional beauty, to detect patterns and opportunities, to craft a satisfying narrative.”author Daniel Pink States. When companies were asked to pick an position of high level employees, a person who have strong imagination, creativity, and high-order thinking will likely to be enrolled. In doing

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