Dance Admissions Essay

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Fear can be the cause of missed opportunities or an indication that you are doing something worthwhile. At the age of five, I was pushed onto the stage to the tune of Beat It before five hundred pairs of expecting eyes. With butterflies in my stomach, I repeated the rhythm drilled in by my dance teacher one-two-three-four-one-two-three-four. I started to sway to the music, forgetting about any thoughts of running off the stage. I had no idea at that moment but conquering my fear led me on a new journey, dance.

Dancing wasn’t just some hobby for me; it became more of an addiction. Watching and then rewatching tapes of Michael Jackson and Hrithik Roshan, I yearned to be a choreographer, creating moves unique to me. For twelve years, I have tried to hone these skills, but I have barely broken the surface. Without access to a proper studio, YouTube has become a place for solace, for it connected me to hundreds of dancers practicing in front of their bedroom mirrors just like me. I have had to teach myself when to lift my hands before a flip or the amount of torque needed in a maneuver. Broken arms and twisted ankles have become common, but no amount of pain would deter me from mastering a new move.

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Dance has continued to spur my unbridled curiosity, for it has given me a perspective and determination that allows me to find creative solutions to problems. Dance is not as simple as creating a series of successive movements. Music, costume design, and facial expressions must complement each other to truly impress the audience. Because of the complexity of dance, I have learned to value education that lie beyond my interests. For instance, an environmental exposé can have tremendous value to learning chemistry or understanding the Romans use of applied math can complement my understanding of architecture. As I continue to dance, I learned to discover myself and find my

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