Daniel's Childhood Case Study: Substance Abuse

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Presenting Problem
Daniel has a severe issue surrounding his abuse of the substances, alcohol, crack cocaine, and prescription drugs. Daniel is homeless and often sleeps in the woods, he stores his valuables in trash bags within the area of the woods he resides in. Daniel is widowed from his wife who passed away from natural causes. His family means a great deal to him, he wants to obtain sobriety and move in with his eldest son before the 2015 Thanksgiving holiday. Daniel has been diagnosed with depression and reports no issue with the medication he is taking to manage his symptoms. Daniel’s sons are his main support system at this time, and they are excited about their father’s prospect of obtaining sobriety.
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He reports that as a child, he started drinking alcohol at the age of five-years-old, using marijuana at the of eight-years-old, using the substance, crack cocaine at the age of forty-two-years-old, and illegally using prescription drugs at the age of forty-five-years-old. As of now, Daniel states that he drinks a fifth of alcohol on a daily basis, preferring whiskey or vodka. Daniel spends up to $700 a day on prescription drugs, and another $700 a day on crack. Daniel has goals of opening a church, he enjoys reading the bible, listening to gospel music, and spending time with his family. He stated his parents were both alcoholics and they introduced him to alcohol at the age of three-years-old, which taught him at a young age ways to cope with issues. Daniel denies any traumatic experiences related to his marine tenure, citing the experience as one of the best of his life. When Daniel was in the military, he would remain sober, but would often binge drink and he wants to have control over his life for the sake of his health and …show more content…

The positive social factors related to the client Daniel were utilized in conjunction with the completion of his treatment plan. Daniel will have the opportunity to attend SAIOP within the VA, gain resources to develop healthy coping mechanisms, and will gain a significant amount of knowledge related to excessive alcohol, and illicit drug consumption. Positive aspects of Daniel’s high regard for his Higher Power who is God, caused his treatment provider to employ Bibliotherapy and Music Therapy in his treatment. In addition, Daniel’s support system will be involved in the treatment

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