Danny Saunders's Beliefs In The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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"Change is the result of true learning." ~ Leo Buscaglia. Currently, many people become tricked into believing other's opinions because they are too afraid to voice their own. In the renowned novel The Chosen written by Chaim Potok, portrays Danny Saunders learns that holding strong to his beliefs are extremely important. A young boy destined to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Hasidic leader shows many that sometimes people must follow their convictions despite the expectations of others. Although formulating these difficult decisions may result in hurting many, it shapes humans into stronger people. Throughout the book, Danny demonstrates brilliance as he constantly wants to learn new information, curiosity as he longs to know …show more content…

Without his parents knowing, Danny has snuck away to the library numerous times. Once there he reads many books to increase his recognition of what happens around the world. Mr. Saunders learns about these secret trips and instead of talking to his son about them he asks Reuven about them. Danny's friend then tells him about the visits and that the boy is working on reading the Freud. "Master of the Universe, he almost chanted. You gave me a brilliant son, and I have thanked you for him a million times. But you had to make him so brilliant?" (168). Even his dad realizes the brilliance his son holds and wonders why he had to be so intelligent. He knows that even if he tried to forbid his son from visiting the library, Danny remains too brilliant to stop …show more content…

He realizes that he does not want to just become a Tzaddik, but wants to explore the rest of the world. The fellow thinks that there has to be a way that he can still embrace the Jewish culture and learn the ways of the rest of the world. Although, everyone believes that he will take over his father's role as a leader of the Jews, Danny thinks that he can get his other brother to take over the job. " I said my brother would make a fine Tzaddik...It occurred to me recently that if I didn't my father's place I wouldn't be breaking the dynasty after all" (201). Obviously, Danny thinks about not following in his father's footsteps frequently. If he performed that thought the results could be intense, however he shows independence by not remaining unafraid to do the right

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