Dave Barry Guys Vs Men Analysis

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The words “guys” and “men” are interchangeable until they are used as adjectives. Guys and men are continuously divided into two different categories, especially by women, when it comes to their personality, habits, and hobbies. Dave Barry discusses these multiple differences in his essay, “Guys vs. Men.” Because it is a very dense topic, Barry only describes a couple of the traits that differentiate the two. Although the two words are synonyms, guys and men have two very different connotations, which are reflected in Dave Barry’s article “Guys vs. Men” It is evident from the title that the overall argument of the essay is that guys and men are different. Dave Barry believes that men have given males a “bad name” because of their “stupid, behavioral patterns” that can produce disastrous, and …show more content…

Women, for ages, have known that there is a vast difference between a guy and a man. Guys, to women, are thought to be immature, loud, and irresponsible. Men, however, are commonly associated with different adjectives such as mature, stable, consistent, and responsible. In the article “11 Differences Between Dating a Boy vs a Man”, Amy Chan also discusses the difference between boys and men. She expresses that a man knows what he wants and then goes for it while a boy “may have somewhat of an idea…but does not think too much about it.” This goes alongside Dave Barry’s statement that guys do not ponder their innermost feelings. It proves that women notice that men think while guys, for the most part, do not. Chan again proves Dave Barry’s theory on guys correct when she states, “A boy has not established his moral compass or values.” In his essay, Dave Barry tells, “guys have never really grasped the Basic Human Moral Code” (944). Although men and women have different opinions on the difference between guys and men, Amy Chan and Dave Barry prove that there are some differences that are noticed by both

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