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David Beckham

"David Beckham is running left! He's running right he's got it he's got it!!! Beckham!!! He passes the ball to Gerrard! Gerrard has the ball he passes it back to Beckham! Beckham shoots!!! GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!!"
David Beckham is a legendary soccer player mostly recognized in his country and American soccer fans.He ended his soccer career do to his children but he will be the highest paid star.
David Robert Joseph Beckham was born on May 2, 1975. David's childhood was different from others, he grew up in a small town in London. The place he grew up on was obsessed with soccer, the street was named Leytonstone. Beckham was crazy about soccer he would watch games, and just dreamed about ever playing professionally. He was begging …show more content…

He posed for Giorgio Armani advertising campaign and appeared in adverts for H&M underwear. When David would have to model for underwear he didn't like it because it was nerve-wracking. (Telegraph.co.uk/ModelingCareer). It appears that he has a great talent for modeling. He models wearing skimpy boxer briefs for H&M. He started his modeling career once he retired with his soccer career. That’s one of the talents he’s always had do to his great looks. Because of his great looks Beckham has been offered to appear in …show more content…

Beckham unfortunately had to retire even though it broke his heart. His passion for soccer is not even explainable because he started at a very young age and joined a professional team at the age of 8. He ended up growing big and mostly recognized do to his amazing talent and passion in soccer. His last game to ever play was on May 16, 2013. Even though he retired he will be the sport's highest paid star. David Beckham put his whole entire passion and love into the one thing he loved to do the most which is soccer. David did cry in his last game that he played because it was just a very emotional day for him, do to the fact that he was leaving and not playing in a team. But let me tell you David is still playing but not with a team. David is very worldwide known because of his fans and his appearances in advertisements. He retired also because he has a family and kids to take care of and would also love to spend time with. David till this day spends time with his sons and daughter and his wife. Beckham takes his family to basketball games, movie theaters, parks and soccer

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