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Journalist David Epstein takes down the self congratulatory attitude behind goal shattering success in high level sport. He explores all the ways that athletes have improved over the past decades in his ted talk by using comparison, logos and pathos, and significant figures. Technology in sport has come along way from new track surfaces to lighter materials in rowing shells. This progress aids athletes in living up to the olympic motto: “faster, higher, stronger” (Epstein, 2014, 0:12). To produce this topic, Epstein uses pathos to capture the minds of the audience with an intriguing example he uses that incorporates sound at 00:51 in his Ted Talk. This example explains the effects that track surfaces have had on athletes times from sprinting to long distance very effectively. As the beep noise he plays in this example is a much more effective demonstration than describing the distance between the two athletes in words, accordingly, it brings a new sense of understanding to the audience. Explain how the beep noise is pathos We see Epstein harness the power of logos when he compiles evidence behind the immensely decreasing times set by swimmers. Using a factual graph, Epstein shows us the steep cliffs of dropping times that were influenced by: flip turns, gutters and full body swimsuits(Epstein, 2014, 4:21). The use of logos explain how this is logos? supported by visuals extends the audience's …show more content…

Once again, Epstein shatters the ideals behind the human brain and the limits we set for ourselves

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