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Lobster is one of the most delightful feasts that exist. However, do people know the fact about the lobster that people cook also feel the pain like a human? Through this essay "Consider the Lobster" by David Foster Wallace, he verbosely examines this topic using the rhetorical strategies. Wallace uses both ethical and logical illustration of lobsters that are embodied in the passage, he trying to assure the readers who are into foods but handled the animal in a wrong way. Moreover, the 56th Maine Lobster Festival (MLF) that held on July 30 through August 3, 2003, represents the evidence of the way lobsters are treated.

David Foster Wallace Published "Consider the Lobster" for the first time in Gourmet Magazine 2004. The Gourmet magazine itself …show more content…

The reason the author brings this material is that there is so much more to know than most people care about. He uses logos by bringing some facts to support his argument, "Moreover, a crustacean is an aquatic arthropod of the class Crustacea, which comprises crabs shrimp, barnacles, lobster and freshwater crayfish. All this right there in the encyclopedia (Wallace 109)". This is the example where he gives detailed information about the classification of a lobster. He comes up with this argument in his essay for the purpose of persuading the reader to trust him as the writer of this essay by giving this background. Thus, this statement is explaining that he uses logical appeal to justify that his argument is reasonable and …show more content…

Some people say that lobster doesn 't feel pain because it doesn 't even have cerebral cortex(Part of the brain that processes sensory information). However, he proves that the statement is wrong by giving analysis from his observation when a cooker boils a lobster alive, it attempts to escape from the hotness of water. Subsequently, Wallace states "And lobsters do have nociceptors, as well as invertebrate versions of the prostaglandin and major neurotransmitters via which our brains register pain". Thus, he did some research to verify his thought and it turned well as he predicted. He discursively explains every creature that lives on earth has their own system that might differ from each other, and the unknowledge of human make everything that they do is right based on their own thought, without doing any further research. Additionally, the author giving back all of the option and consideration to his readers by stating "I 'm curious whether the reader can identify with any of these reactions and acknowledgments and discomforts"(Wallace 120).

To sum up, Wallace mentions some arguments in his essay, discussing the best way to treat a lobster. Particularly, some of the arguments that he points are how lobster used to become a low-class food and the animal rights(Lobster). Wallace has succeeded deliver the message; cooking lobsters alive is harming them and it is not ethical how people treat the animal

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