David Zafon's Fever 1793

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As I read what Zafon wrote about how some images and words had found its way into his heart, I had similar feelings as I read Fever 1793. The novels describes how a fourteen-year-old girl gradually becomes a young woman as she been through the horrible fever that flush through the city of Philadelphia and witness her grandfather’s death. She had once had a harmony family, but suddenly the yellow fever took her friend’s live, and then neighbors. Her mother was sick, too. Eventually she couldn’t do anything but to run away to another city with her grandfather. As I read here, I was asking myself, whether I have the courage and determination to leave my ill mother alone and run away. As I proceed, as she and her grandfather run toward the city, the rubbery killed her grandfather. I don’t know the feeling of seeing your own and probably last family members in the world been killed by a knife. I thought, as a girl of fourteen, she will probably went crazy or desperate, but she didn’t. In the end of the story, she backed to her house and restarted the restaurant her family owned. …show more content…

But the difference between people is that how we face it or how we solve the problems. People may choose to run away, to hide, to deceive themselves. But escape can’t help anything. The truth is the truth and it was already settle and unchangeable. I always want to escape problems, because I don’t and I am afraid of facing it, and I know I need to be stronger, but how? She was fourteen, and I am fifteen now. She needs to face death and I don’t. Why can’t I do it if my circumstances are way easier than hers? She had taught me that you can choose to degenerate or move on. Even though life may be tough, but as long as I still hold my heart and soul and do not lose myself, then I am sure there will be ways to move

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