Db Cooper Conspiracy Theory

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So what might have happened the day D.B. Cooper stepped out of that plane? Mysteries are hard to conclude, as there are many different conspiracy theories supporting what might have happened. D.B. Cooper is known for hijacking and using false identities. Cooper is also known to be really mischievous and to stay hidden easily. Unfortunately, investigators have insufficient evidence to demonstrate how this all went downhill. The two main theories that determine the fate of D.B. Cooper are the fact that he died in the jump and that he is living as a mystic, hidden identity. The day D.B. Cooper summer-salted out of that plane is one of the most intriguing and engrossing mysteries that decided the fate of D.B. Cooper. First, even though there were several people on the plane along with Cooper, he is an inexplicable mystery, and nobody knows how he ended up (“D.B. Cooper”). Thankfully, people remembered what happened that day and reported …show more content…

Cooper died during the history creating jump. First off, Himmelsbach, who worked the case from 1971 until he retired from the FBI, notes “Cooper didn’t ask for a helmet, gloves, flight jacket, jumpsuit, or boots, It was below zero degrees Fahrenheit outside, dark, and the plane was going 196 MPH” (“D.B. Cooper”). Knowing this, he was probably a very inexperienced jumper, meaning he had an unbelievable high chance of being killed for that jump of history. After all, he left behind the 2 best chutes! He chose the beginner chute (Katz). Considering this, there was no way he survived a jump like that. In fact, the most experienced divers would not even attempt the jump he did (Jones). Furthermore, everybody they believed to be suspect, is proven wrong by scientific tests (Katz). If no more suspects, he must be dead, no suspect matches him, unless he is better at hiding his identity than we thought. All of this concludes that the choice he made to take that fetal jump, has lead him to his

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