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In 1874, Susan B. Anthony was jailed for trying to exercise the right that all men were granted but every woman was denied, the right to vote (Document 1). Twenty six years earlier, the first women’s right movement convention was held to discuss the stark disparity between the genders. A fight that would last for seventy years, the fight for the vote, was a pivotal era in the fight for viewing women as equals. This was a fight against society that has little progress for a long time and the reasoning why is clear. The struggle of women is not a unique story, and the denial of suffrage and equality was led by men because of man's fear of losing power and control in society. Equality was viewed by men as an attempt to suffocate them from society. …show more content…

An official document from the National American Woman Suffrage Association describes the many reasons that females should get the vote. More than a few complaints talk about the unfair treatment of women by men, such as the final statement, which reads, “They should vote equally with men, because women are citizens of a govekrnment of the people, by the people, and for the people, and women are people” (Document 7). When someone holds power over another person, a tactic that is used to validate this dehumanization. Men disregarded women so denying them the right to participate in a free government was an easy rejection. And while men saw these strong women as a threat to their power, women saw the leaders of this movement as saviors. Men executed their power over women daily, and it made any form of rebellion difficult and dangerous. Political cartoons were made portraying Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony sitting next to George Washington (Document 3). These praised these strong women. Cartoons were also made that victimized men and created scenarios that made women seem villainous for voting (Document 4). While women praised the movement that fought for their right to vote, men feared losing power, mocked the women involved, and victimized

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