Dbq Essay On American Women

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Back then American women had one role in society. Americans saw that American women should be at home taking care of the family but that all changed. In 1890-1925 marked a great change for American women. The United States had become a more industrialized and modernized society. The role of American women was greatly changed mainly from economics, politics, and the assumptions on women during 1890-1925.

During the World War 1 era, the United states needed support for the war. Women had to fill in the jobs from the men. In document G we can see that women had to make war ships for the soldiers in world war 1. In addition, document E illustrates that women had supported war by creating clothes for the soldiers. This opens new positions for women allowing them to work jobs that the men who went to war couldn't do. The World War 1 era had greatly improved economically by allowing them to work jobs that only men can do and showing that women were capable of working in similar positions as men.
Women had made great changes in implanting the rights for women. American women started the Women's Suffrage movement which sought to gain voting rights. However, women activists were purposeful in their efforts and used a variety of tactics to promote their cause. In document C women activist Jane Addams stated …show more content…

In Document D Charlotte Gilman explained that Women have grown over the years becoming wiser, stronger, better able to protect themselves, one another, and their children. Furthermore in document A it also talks about how women in the future will be far more capable than others and housewives. The Women's Suffrage Movement has given women more positive recognition in America. Women were seen as nurturing and compassionate, showing America that women are capable. Women suffragists used these qualities to their advantage by framing the right to vote as a means of creating a more just and compassionate

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