How Did The 1920s Influence African American Culture

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The 1920's might not have become such a significant time period if it hadn't been for the contributions of many minorities and immigrants. African Americans gave birth to the Harlem Renaissance, women began to be viewed as equal and Italians were known to practice in organized crime. Overall, the 1920's was filled with positive outcomes for many minorities. African Americans found a new way to show their racial pride through their art. A new genre of music was created from a mixture of various cultures called Jazz, which pretty much everyone fell in love with. Even white people would go to Harlem to listen to the music of African performers like Louis Armstrong. African Americans were able to express themselves through music, poetry, and art, they finally had a voice and people were going to pay attention to them. Their art helped bring people together and change how society saw African Americans. They got rid of the white stereotypes and were seen as a group of people with great talent and passion for what they do. All of these forms of art greatly influenced American culture and the status of African Americans. …show more content…

They no longer needed a man to provide for them or feel complete in life. Drinking, smoking, and driving were luxuries only men had before, but now women defied societies expectation of them and did pretty much everything men did. Finally, they were able to wear anything they wanted and go out to have fun; instead of being locked at home taking care of her family. Not only that but women now were capable of having a say in government by voting after the 19th amendment was passed. After centuries of women being seen as the inferior sex, women were starting to be

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