Dbq Essay On Japanese Internment

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Japanese Internment (Executive Order 9066) Have you ever thought what happened back then,why war happened so much? Well there is one war there is one war I learned about, it’s the bombing of Pearl Harbor.This was mostly a between Japan and America. Also the united States not trusting the Japanese Americans and putting them into 10 different internment camps because of the bombing.Although Japanese Internment camps were caused by political,cultural, and economic factors, the most important causal factor was political. To start off for the first cause is economical. One quote to support my causal factor is on page 10, “They can get rid of the Japanese Americans and grab their land and possession.” This quote supports my causal factor economical …show more content…

Last, but most important is political.A quote that supports my causal factor for political is on page 13 is, “ Meanwhile tremendous political pressure was put upon President Roosevelt by Californians an their congressmen to intern all Japanese Americans.”The way this quote showed political is because they are talking about putting all Japanese Americans intern which also says political pressure on the president so that kinda gives it away.Another quote that supports the political causal factor is on page 18, “Congressmen passes the Immigration Act 1924 effectively ending all Japanese immigration to the U.S.” The way this quote supports my causal factor for political is because the now banned Japanese immigrants because I think America was scared the Japanese some info from America an what weapons they had and what were their plans to do a war or not. That is how it was back then, when war was, when the Pearl Harbor happened. The reason why political is more important than economical, and cultural is because there is more evidence that the causal factor is Political.If not for political this probably would have not happened, like if the American did not stop giving the Japanese supplies.Well it can help us by checking if people are spying, before we put them in an internment

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