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Were the Ojibwe after Confederation were they united or divided? Ramjot 8A Many groups were not unified after Confederation and I believe the Ojibwa was one of those groups that were divided instead of united. First of all, the French gave them alcohol in exchange for furs and got them into bad drinking habits, which also affected their health in bad ways. Most Ojibwe and other First Nations got really stressed out after the Government was taking them away from their tribe and putting them in reserves and the First Nations Children were sent to these boarding schools where they were taught “to behave properly” so they wanted more alcohol and more alcohol because they felt like they were away from the stress until the alcohol …show more content…

The Pre Confederation Treaty is when signed the British is able to take over your land and do whatever they want with it, but the First Nations or also known as the Ojibwa only had the right to fish. Half the OjibwaFirst Nations signed the treaty and half did not sign the treaty which was splitting up the tribe making them divided. Switching sides, they could be unified because they decided to go for a peaceful way of signing the treaty and they also let their fellow family members choose their own path which is also to sign the treaty or not. However, this is debatable, the Ojibwa should not have let half the people to sign a treaty and the other half not signing the treaty because, that just cause two people having difference walk away and having no solution to their problem, which also led to the Ojibwa getting into drugs and such. Although, they are unified because the people that went into the reserves were mostly lied to, and wanted the best for their family. However, this is debatable, they are less unified because the people that fought for their land mostly got shot and killed because the Europeans had better weapons and they also had guns when the Ojibwe had spears and such, and if they worked together less people could of died, they also lost their way of life during these horrific events and were

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