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I believe that the results of Reconstruction have been mixed and i believe that the economy is a problem that needs to be fixed. By not dictating who can have what job based on their race Reconstruction can meet its goal of creating equality for all. During Reconstruction, Americans had very different opinions about the government. In the northern states, most people believed that since the South had seceded before they had to keep an eye on them. To do this, they sent troops into the South, which they were not very pleased with. During Reconstruction, freed slaves still did not have the same opportunities that white people did. The Civil rights laws were made to protect former slaves and make sure everyone is equal, but still, the South cannot agree and continues to make life nearly just as bad as it had been before the war. In the document written by a former slave, he expresses how poorly they have been treated. When Lincoln was president, Reconstruction ran alot smoother. He wanted equality for all and under no circumstances was there any other choice, which made the North happy. But after Lincoln was assassinated and Johnson became president, he offered much more leeway for the South which set Reconstruction back a large amount. Black and white southerners viewed the future of African Americans very differently.The majority of white southerners …show more content…

They are, for the most part, allowed to be educated but it was very difficult for them to get there safely and avoid racism. In document 2, it says,”the children come rain or shine, plunging through mud...one used to let his dogs loose after supper to but the night-scholars…” Even though the Freedmen 's Bureau tried to make the facilities and opportunities equal, the South continues to treat them very poorly. At the school, the furniture was defaced, it was broken into, bricks were hurled through windows, and even more issues

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