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Drea Finley's Keynote Speech Drea Finley’s gave an amazing speech at Colgate University in 2013. Her speech was centered on the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; however, she interpret her own experiences similar to what Dr. King was all about. In doing that she made me connect to her and Dr. King. Her MLK speech contain everything that makes a speech a great. I’m going to explain how she open strong, was structural, and how she humanize her speech. In Drea Finley’s opening sentences she used one of Dr. King most memorable line “I have a dream.” She then shared that she feel like we have over played that speech without critical thinking about the point Dr. King trying to make. She used a phrase everyone is familiar with and took a different route with them. In doing this it strength my attention span because I felt like I was going to get the same every year speech on MLK’s day. …show more content…

Once lost I begin to lose interest and eventually drift off. That wasn’t the case in Finley’s speech her structure was perfect she explain the point she was trying to get across and gave examples to further back it up and that is important when giving a speech. My favorite thing about her speech by far is how she humanize it. She made me connect to and truly understand where she was coming from and the points she wanted to make. I love when I can relate to a speaker. I feel like when giving a speech the speaker should use real experiences and that’s exactly what Finley did. I also believe a speaker should make their speeches personal. Don’t just give out facts, I like to know what the speaker agrees and disagrees with. Drea Finley excel at this, she gave us two experiences she encounter at Colgate University and she told us how she told her opinion about

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