Death Of A Salesman Research Paper

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After a forced evacuation from their house in a condemned building in Tehran, the couple of Emad and Rana relocate to a small flat recommended by Babak, a fellow actor in their theatrical adaptation of Arthur Miller’s, “Death of a Salesman”. However, what Babak failed to say, was that Ahu, the previous tenant, was a rather promiscuous woman whose belongings were left behind with the intention to remove them in the near future. When Emad stays late for a rehearsal, Rana returns home to wait for him and then, the unspeakable happens… Waiting for Emad, Rana unwisely opens up the main door and goes for a shower, while a stranger looking for Ahu enters the house and attempts to violate the poor woman. Scared off by a brief fight, the man flees from

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