Deception: The Forces Of Oppression In America

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A single word stole William from his self-absorbed people watching - “Hello.” William turned. The breath was immediately drained from his lungs by a pair of intense, deep-set hazel eyes. William reflexively pulled his head back and blinked twice, physically shaken by the force as every paradigm for physical beauty was instantly shattered. He gently closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose in an effort to calm his manically churning thoughts. When his gaze resettled on the woman, vertigo scrambled his senses; an intense cognitive dissonance flooded his stream of conscience. He shook his head slightly, trying desperately to conjure words through the jumble of thoughts. The entire stretch of the English language seemed foreign. His executive function raced on overdrive, trying in vain to …show more content…

They have played on the sympathies and good nature of Americans, convincing a majority that refusal to sacrifice at the alter of big government is at minimum selfish, and at worst, treason. For two generations, these forces of oppression have duped Americans into believing that their devotion to America is devotion to the system of bureaucracy that now controls every aspect of our lives. But we are equally as brilliant and cunning as they are. We see through the deception, and we have a plan that will lead America out of the wilderness - a great awakening at hand. You will help ignite the tinder and fan the flames of independence, a fire that will soon burn brightly across this nation.” Edward paused dramatically. As if on cue, the fire popped and crackled, flames leapt in the hearth and flickered brilliantly, the crystal droplets in the chandelier burned with a brilliant orange hue that hovered over the crowd. William turned and looked at Tabitha. She stared up at Edward with a mesmerized expression, completely transfixed by his speech. “Who is he?” William asked. “Shhh,” Tabitha said. “Just

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