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Even with the ideas of a split nation from Britain and becoming their own nation, these goals were still hard to achieve. Battles were fought, lives were lost, Treaties were signed, and Acts were put into place. With all of these ideas of America becoming a free country wasn’t easy to accomplish. The country you and I live in today is due to these delegates and members of the Continental Army for fighting for our freedom. The closer the government of the United States came to cutting ties with England, the more of a tax Britain was putting on our goods. America was what it seemed to be :swallowed by the power of the republic” (Document 1). After our nation realized we weren’t getting anywhere with England, delegates decided to sit down and begin to write the Declaration of Independence. During this meeting they decided to subside from the parliament of Great Britain and declare the colonies to be free and independent states. This allowed them to have the power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all things independent states have the right to do (Document 2). Before we declared …show more content…

This limited certain rights such as freedom of religion, creation of a self-government. Political leaders began to wonder if representatives were going to be removed from power. This was an upcoming issue due to the fact that states could govern themselves instead of the federal government controlling them (Document 6 and 7). Finally, Document 8 is showing the separation of the colonies. It represents the North American land dividing from Britain. They are an independent nation with a new system of land organization. These are all reasons and goals of why the Revolutionary War was such a big accomplishment to the American delegates and colonists. If it weren’t for the Revolution the United States of America would still be apart of Britain most likely to this

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