Dennis Rader: A Serial Killer

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Dennis Rader (BTK Strangler) Born in 1945, Dennis Rader was the eldest of four sons. He was born in Pittsburg, Kansas but grew up in Wichita. BTK strangler was a self-proclaimed title that he used when doing criminal activities. The initials of the name stand for Bind, Torture, and Kill, which were the main things that he did to the people that he murdered. He was married to his wife Paula Dietz with whom they had two children. He spent the early years of his life in the United States Air Force but later moved and began other jobs like in hotels and Coleman Company where he worked as an assembler. He went to Butler Community College and graduated with an associate’s degree in electronics. All this time, BTK Strangler was interacting well with people around him, and it was not easy to tell he would become a serial killer. He began his criminal activities in the year 1970 in Wichita, his hometown. He continued with his infamous killings until when he was arrested in 2005 (Anderson, 2013). Dennis Radar killed at least 10 people in his crime life. All through, he had an excuse that he had a demon inside that got into him when a while before he started with his serial killing behavior, and he could do nothing about it. He thought that, maybe, the psychologists could cure the …show more content…

It was an indication that the murderer was closely associated with Rader’s daughter. They worked together with the police who obtained a warrant for arrest and arrested him on 25th February 2005 when he was driving near his house (Williams, 2017). They also conducted several searches in his home, church, and place of work. Psychological assessments were also done on him to determine if any mental disorder had. The results helped a lot in the prosecution and ruling of his case as they revealed that he had no major mental

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