Dennis Radar's Suicide

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“Society can be thankful that there are ways for people like me to relieve myself at times by daydreams of some victim being tortured and being mine.” (Nicolaos, “What Did BTK Killer Letters Say?” Refinery 29) Dennis Rader was a notorious serial killer. From an outside view, he lived a normal life, but with secret sexual fantasies, he was a dangerous killer at night. Even as a young child, Rader was filled with strong sexual feelings when seeing animals being murdered and tortured. These feelings led him to take the lives of ten people between 1974 and 1991. Combined with signs of psychopathy and extreme sexual fantasies the serial killer BTK lived a double life; one consisting of virtue and the other of vice. On the morning of January …show more content…

Rader would use this time to plan and learn the routine and habits of his victims. “The pattern of his crimes suggests he was patient and methodical.” (Hutnyan) Besides Rader's, sexual duties were extreme and caused his murders to be sexually motivated. After killing his victims he would take photos of them and then proceed to take their underwear. He often hid the stolen trophies from his victims in various locations, including underground, in his house, and even in his church. “Rader used the term ‘motel parties’ for masturbation. He would go to a motel, binding himself, and covering his head with a plastic bag- just like he did with his victims.” (crime and investigation 17 Chilling Facts About Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer) This showed Rader’s desire to inflict pain and suffering… After being caught, Rader was shown to have signs of ASPD, a mental disease that shows a lack of respect for law enforcement behaviors, aggressiveness, lack of empathy, and disregard for the safety of himself and others. Radar also has a narcissistic personality; he explained his sense of self-importance by wanting recognition for his crimes through letters. He also has a sense of entitlement and heightened arrogance. These mental issues are attributed to BTKs

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