What Typology Of Rapist Would Best Describe Parker Ray?

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What typology of rapist would best describe Parker Ray? Justify your choice with factual material to support your argument. I believe that David Parker Ray woild best be described as a Sexual Sadistic rapist. WIthing the first 13 minutes or so you have 3 individual all describing Ray as a man who gets pleasure from sexual victims who are in some sort of severe mental or physical pain. Another example of the way Ray was is the fascination he had with certain types of pornography. He was very much into pornography showing women being tortured. It was documented that for years with the help of his daughter and another friend he had been kidnapping and torturing victims. He would torture women for days while sexually assaulting them, buring them with cattle prods and using homemade sexual torture devices. The way he calculated what he was doing, taking his time to hurt his victims over a period of a few days clearly showed that Ray was psychopathic. He was a man who desperately needed to act on his violent sexual fantasises that he recruited people he knew could help him get victims and had his recruits help him with his acts. And, in my opinion, the most sick and twisted thing Ray …show more content…

Argue your position (should she or should she not have faced prosecution for her role in the crimes?) I don’t believe that this deal should have been taken. The evidence against him was so strong that no doubt he was going to be convicted and sentenced to the maximum penalty. I feel that his daughter was an intergral part of these crimes. She planned this kidnapping and executed it perfectly. The premeditation of her actions alone are enough for her to receive harsh penalties. In my eyes, and the eyes of the justice system, she is just as guilty as her father. She should be tried in court and face punishment for her decisions. Can you possibly argue that what Parker Ray did was consensual? Explain your

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