What Are Vera Claythorne's Crimes

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Having someone go unharmed after jumping head first into the awful and dangerous world of crime and come back without justice served is completely unacceptable. Would you want a killer to run loose just because the law can't touch them? This is how it goes for the characters in ¨And Then There Were None¨ by Agatha Christie. Some characters had justifiable reasons for their actions but other character’s crimes were absolutely unfair and cruel such as Vera Claythorne, Thomas Rogers and William Blore who deserve to be punished on Soldier Island for their crimes. Out of every character in the book, I believe the most guilty for what they did is Vera Claythorne. Vera Claythorne is guilty of premeditated murder of the boy Cyril Hamilton, letting…show more content…
Jennifer Brady, an older woman, was under Thomas and Ethel Rogers´s care when she died. ¨...her death was due to the withholding of a restorative drug by a married couple who attended on her and who stood to benefit very substantially by her death.¨(Christie, 239). Mrs. Brady died from the withholding of a drug she needed which is proof that is the Rogers that killed her because they were the ones that were supposed to make sure those things happened. With that and the fact that they would get money if she were to die it is obvious that they are the ones guilty of her death, but the question is, is Ethel also guilty? ¨Mrs. Rogers, I had no doubt, had acted very largely under the influence of her husband.¨(Christie, 243) With this we can tell that not only did Thomas kill an old lady for money but forced his wife, most likely threatened her or even blackmailed her, to do the dirty work. Thomas did two awful things, two illegal things, two things that need justice to be served. Emily Brent, another character that some believe deserves to be on the island and justice should be served. Emily Brent was taking care of a young girl who got pregnant before marriage, which is against what Emily believes in so she kicked her out of her home, which then the young girl drowned herself. This is an awful situation, but Emily did not plan on having the girl kill herself, she didn't plan on it at all like Thomas did. Emily thought what the girl had done was wrong and she had the right to make her leave the home, it may be cruel but it doesn't deserve a punishment as severe as death. Thomas Rogers, on the other hand, does need that punishment because nothing has happened yet. ¨There was never a word against us. Not a word.¨(Christie, 56). This is completely outrageous, not a single thing mentioned about the fact that he
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