Personal Narrative: My Life As A Young Adult

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Am I the only person who can recall their childhood complaints? You know, really dig deep and think about all those times that we wished we could run away, or how we hated following all our parents’ rules. I remember, and I can say this, “Boy, was I wrong?” Being a young adult is not as fun as most people make it out to be. Sure, you no longer need to worry about curfews, or even worry about your parents disapproving of your “risqué” outfit choices anymore. However, I don’t believe most people sit back and really analyze the hardships that young adults face. As a young adult, you may find yourself stuck in between dependency and independency. It isn’t as easy as it seems to just fade into a life of your own. Coming from adolescence,…show more content…
While a lot of people can fit both into their schedules, most people find it hard to do so. When I was younger, I was always told that school would solve all of my problems, so from the moment I started preschool to the moment that I graduated high school, I made sure that I put my all into everything that I did. I was a 3.0 student when I graduated with a 22 ACT score. Not my best work, but I was still proud of myself. It was those accomplishments that got me scholarship money and acceptance into some pretty good schools across the country. I wasn’t able to attend the colleges of my choices due to my parents financial situation at the time. You can only imagine how disappointed I was. I had become so accustomed to being that “smart girl” that was going to do well in life. I wanted to keep going, and I hated taking breaks. I ended up taking a break for a semester until the financial problems were resolved, but that one semester turned into two, and then two turned into missing out on a whole year of school. I never felt more behind in my life. How could I live my own life and establish my independency without a degree or without a start? Being out of school motivated me to get my first job. It was never easy for me, to be honest. I had to learn basic customer service skills, which came easy to me because I had always been raised around good manners and big vocabulary. The problem for me came in when it came to finances. Yes, I was making my own money and it felt good, but what was I really accomplishing? I was not saving money, only spending it with my friends every weekend. I began to miss school, and I found myself being judged by the elders in my life. This returns me to the idea of “fitting in.” It’s as if nothing I did was good enough. I couldn’t go to school due to finances, so at least I was trying to work, but it still wasn’t enough for anyone. I found myself working job after job, and when I
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