Personal Narrative: Find My Voice

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Find My Voice Accomplishments take me one step closer to happiness and tranquility. For example, maintaining an “A” in a rigorous course, helping others that are struggling, cook for my family, etc. are minor achievements and events that have formed me into a better being. Sometimes, ignorance gets the best of me, and it does conquer my sweet, timid personality that I possess. Accordingly, my accolades never suggest nor imply I am better than anyone else. I never consider highly of myself because we are equally intelligent in our own separate ways. It is a way to build up my confidence level as I am an introvert myself. When transferring schools from second to third grade, I was often bullied, and I had no way to cope with the situation at hand. Consequently, I could not voice my personal opinions nor could I speak up for myself. It felt like living in a “faultless” society where you have to be a certain ethnicity, gender orientation, or a size two to fit in with the rest of the crowd. But when sixth grade came around, I could not tolerate all the anguish, so from there on out, I started writing song lyrics/poetry as a form of expression. In my perspective of songwriting, I love to write about relatable personal life …show more content…

Many of my song lyrics have been written during my high school career and the pros and cons of each year. “Find My Voice,” a song lyric dedicated to my Freshmen year, explains that it is complicated to speak up for myself and that I have been judged because of my subtle personality. “No Expiration Date” specifically referred to friends who have always been by my side and accepted me for who I am, allocated to my Sophomore year. Junior year, I wrote “Restless,” from all the hardships I faced with a friend and the overload of schoolwork and Finals. Lastly, “Stay True” is about finally finding my own identity and uniqueness and becoming an euphoric person as a

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