Descriptive Essay About Summer

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Summers have an air of relaxation to them for most people, but for me I can barely find a moment's rest. Because I work in the hospitality industry, summer is the busiest time of the year. My apartment is a 3 minute walk from the beach and yet I only rarely get to enjoy it. Although there are days, there are precious days, when I can just stop and smell the ocean. Where I can just sit there all day, seemingly without a care in the world. They don't happen often, but that's what makes them even more special. I pack up my essentials first thing in the morning. Two big towels, a big bottle of water, some light snacks, a Terry Pratchett novel and some sunscreen. I wrap myself in a sarong, put on some sandals and a sun hat and away I go. I almost run down behind …show more content…

Before I was in the water the whole time at the beach, until my parents would be telling me, “Now it's REALLY time to come out, your lips are getting blue.” but now I go once or maybe twice in the whole stay at the beach. It's odd because I've heard this from several people. But, this aside, it's still an enjoyable activity and it's so nice and quiet. Just the movement of the water and nothing else. Everything else is distant and foreign and doesn't need to be thought about until I am back. It's just wonderful. But, alas, the sun is dropping at an incredible rate and I need to go back. I don't want to run into sea spiders or some other creepy crawlies. I make a little lap and go right out of the sea, wrap myself in the other towel I have prepared and sit down just in time to watch the sunset. It's quite marvelous and has been romanticized by so many people. What amazes me is the fact that most everyone on this world are aware what a sunset is, why and how it sets, the Earth rotates around the Sun, and around itself, and you have a sunrise and sunset every single day, and this sounds very clinical. But somehow people everywhere romanticize it, see it as something completely different and

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