Descriptive Style In Gary Paulsen's Winter

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Gary Paulsen's unique and descriptive style of writing creates a vivid image to the reader through his simple word choice. Although his writing may seem simple, he creates an idea in the reader's mind that seems as though the reader is actually living in the short story Winter. By doing this, the reader is further engaged in the story. Paulsen creates an imaginary idea of the story for the reader of what life on the farm in the beginning of winter feels like, which engages the reader to read on.
Paulsen’s vivid description creates an idea for the reader, of what it must be like it listen to Uncle David’s Stories. One way he creates these vivid descriptions is by giving many details, a few metaphors, and he reiterates some words to show that they have a lot of meaning to Uncle David. to explain to explain what is happening in Uncle David's stories. For example when Paulsen writes “It was when I was young and a day …show more content…

Yellow hair she had, yellow like corn silk mixed with sunlight. It was so long she had it coiled in a braid at the back of her head. And her eyes were clear blue. Ice Blue.” In Paulsen's portrayal of Alida, he uses a metaphor to describe how yellow and beautiful her hair was also he reiterates how blue her eyes were and how yellow her hair was too. Another way Paulsen creates a clear image to the reader about how the character is feeling by using repetition is when Paulsen's writes, “I felt Wayne stiffen next to me to me on the rug and I turned to look at him and he was staring at Uncle David so hard that he seemed to stare a hole through him. No, more than mad, tight with mad the way he got when Philip Hansen

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