Saturday Climbing Wd Valgardson Analysis

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There are three elements that create strong meaning and tone in a story; diction, narrative pace and figurative language. Within the short story “Saturday Climbing”, W.D Valgardson uses diction, narrative pace and figurative language to contribute to the meaning and tone of the story. He uses diction by choosing strong and effective words to help the readers understand what Barry and Moira are feeling as they climb the cliff, and what Barry is feeling when he reminisces on things from his past. Narrative pace is used when Valgardson chooses to use short and direct sentences alongside long and detailed ones when he switches from present to past. Finally, he uses figurative language to paint a picture in the minds of the readers regarding the strong emotions Barry and Moira are experiencing as their relationship is …show more content…

When the story takes place in the present and the action is occurring, the sentences are short and direct. “His voice sounded faint and breathy. He was glad she could not see his momentary weakness. He could not control the trembling of his legs. The muscle of his right arm jerked spasmodically.” (53) The short and sharp sentences create the feeling of fear and raises the intensity level within the story, while creating an apprehensive tone. Alongside the short and direct sentences, there are also long and descriptive ones. “She had frizzy dark hair, wore long dresses that might have come from a western movie set, a rainbow assortment of beads, and a nose ring. She always talked as if she was thinking in some exotic language and was translating it badly.” (54) Valgardson’s use of long and descriptive sentences creates a peaceful and relieved tone due to the flow of the sentences and how slow they feel. The usage of narrative pace, one of the elements in creating a strong tone, within “Saturday Climbing”, strengthens Valgardson’s apprehensive and relieved

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