Deterioration In Lord Of The Flies

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In the given passage from Lord of the Flies, Golding uses detail and imagery to convey Piggy’s overwhelming feeling of frustration, and how the neglectance of the boys had invigorated Piggy to express his feelings and stand up for himself. First, Golding uses detail in order to portray Piggy’s motivation to stand up for himself and to portray the neglectance of the boys. In the passage, the boys had influenced an unbearable feeling of frustration on Piggy. Golding expresses this using detail: “Daring, indignant, Piggy took the conch”. The word indignant means to show anger from unjust treatment. By using the words daring and indignant, Golding suggests that Piggy had grabbed the conch with so much anger and frustration to speak about this …show more content…

Throughout the book, Piggy’s character was always overlooked by the other boys, especially Jack. Piggy begins to explain that he had always been treated with far less respect than the other boys, and that he’s not exactly sure why. The passage suggests that he had dealt with this for too long. He had immediately and indignantly taken the conch to begin speaking about this unfair treatment from Jack, in hope it will bring him to the realization that he should be treating Piggy no different than the other boys. Additionally, detail was expressed in the passage when talking about one of the choir boys: “Jack dragged his eyes away from the fire”. In this situation, Golding had chosen to use the word “dragged”. This symbolizes a heavy feeling of being bothered by something. Since Piggy had taken the conch, it gave him the right to speak freely without interruption of the other boys. However Jack seemed to be very annoyed by Piggy, so much so it was difficult and almost a chore to “drag” his eyes from something he was focusing on before, just to redirect his attention to Piggy. The detail to this situation is crucial to the plot because it allows the reader

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