Determination In Ian Serraillier's Escape From Warsaw

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Determination is the key to success. In the book Escape from Warsaw by Ian Serraillier, Ruth, Bronia, and Edek are the children of Joseph and Margaret Balicki. They live in Poland before they get separated due to the Nazi invasion. The characters face a variety of problems. The author Serraillier used symbolism, dialogue, and description to support the theme. At the end the end are they still determined or do they give up.
The theme, determination is the key to success, can be shown through symbolism. Near the beginning of the story on page 26, Joseph the father is walking around looking for his family. He picks up a sword he had given to his wife as an anniversary gift. Spotting a young boy Jan, Joseph gives him the sword and tells him to let them know where he is . The sword symbolises eventually there’s hope for the family reuniting. Jan has the information to find their dad encouraging the kids to be committed to finding him. Furthermore when Jan’s treasure box breaks, the sword Joseph gave to Jan two years before.... drops. Ruth picks it up and recognizes it and she began to sob.’’ This shows how the sword was the only thing that they had that reminded them of their parents. From this section of the book they had proof that their parents were alive, so they had more hope on finding them. A final great example showed
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Symbolism, description, and dialogue were used to show how the children were alone in the streets without their parents. They have to survive with barely any food and sacrificing for each other. They had to find a way to reconcile their family. The techniques that were used allowed the reader to feel sympathy while picturing their struggles. He also showed how easy things can be taken away from you. This book leaves the readers thinking... Would you be able to survive through their
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