Lord Of The Flies Reading Response Analysis

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Reading response:Extended text: fiction Lord of the flies The book is about a plane crashes causing the only survivors and a group of schoolboys without adult supervision, trapped on a desert island waiting for rescue. Initially, when I read the beginning of the story, the boys have elected Ralph to be the leader and settled some rules to maintain order in the island. At first, I thought this is a children's adventure story where the children had get along and rescued by their teamwork and it ends up happily. In fact, after reading more the middle part of the book, the positive picture of my images had been smashed up, problems getting more and more. The conflict between Ralph and Jack and the fears of the children have conjured up. I think I understanding the main idea of the Author wants to tell us, which is the importance of power, civilization and the villainous aspects of humanity. Although this is a sad story. I really enjoy reading this book because the Author had used a lot adjective, adverbs, and phrase to describe the settings, characters, and some significance objects, to metaphor today's …show more content…

Among them, I really like the character of piggy because it looks like to my dad. This is because, in the story, he apparently looks like a minor role as he is a fat chubby boy with glasses on. I think he is the smartest person in the children and the grey eminence to help people savior since he is the one who uses the academic knowledge to solve problems. More Than that, he owns the glasses which help to make a fire. Hence, I am highly recommended intermediate or high school students read it because the writing skills of the Author is really good, student can learn a lot from it. Also, the story is stimulus, you will really engage into the book but I won't recommend reading it at night because I am scared of the "monster"

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