Summary Of The Book 'A Separate Peace'

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Grant Willard
A Separate Peace Response

There is a lot of conflicts in A Separate Peace, but the main conflict would be Gene and Finny’s relationship. Their relationship is a love-hate relationship. They are close and then apart and then the relationship disappears. Gene is the brains of between the two of them and adores Finny who is Gene`s best friend. Finny is the athletic one, the best athlete in school even. Also he is handsome and is easy to get along with. As the boys stay close, Finny starts having Gene play more games, so that means less time for Gene to study for school. One day Gene wakes up at dawn on the beach with Finny. He immediately realizes that he has an exam at ten am, so he tells Finny that they need to …show more content…

Also this book was easy to understand and did not take too long to read. At the end of the novel Gene explains that Finny was different because of his lack of fear. I liked this ending because it is interesting to read about a teenager that has no fear. For the text to text, text to self and text to world connections are all kind of similar in this book. For text to self the connections made with the book would be friendship issues, pain and loss, because we mostly all have friendships that are love and hate. Also everyone encounters pain that could be internal or external.. Loss is another one because everyone has lost a family member or friend in their life. For text to world, I would say the exact same because everyone in this world has had friendship issues,pain and loss. For text to text there is a lot of life lessons. For example, when Gene was irritated at Finny for the less time of being able to study, instead of telling Finny he was upset and talking to him about it, he physically hurt him by jouncing him off the tree and making him break his leg. This is a good life lesson: to control your anger and violence is not the

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