Determination In The Odyssey

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A Man of Loyalty, Patience, and Determination In the epic poem The Odyssey, written by Homer, Odysseus’ heroic deeds are recounted through a narrative that describes his arduous journey from the Trojan War to his homeland of Ithaka. This journey makes Odysseus an epic hero. An epic hero is a brave and noble character who is admired for his achievements. Traits of an epic hero are necessary for the journey Odysseus goes on to reach his homeland. Loyalty is a trait exhibited when Odysseus jeopardizes his own life and goes to rescue his crewmen on Kirke’s island. Odysseus presents skillfulness when he plans to kill the suitors in a productive and quick way. Determination is displayed when Odysseus is on Kalypso’s island. He is so determined to get home and to escape Kalypso’s imprisonment that he says he would die rather than spend another moment on the island. Loyalty, cleverness, and …show more content…

He strings to bow to win the hand of Penelope, while still disguised as a beggar. Succeeding this, he shoots an arrow through the 12 sockets, shocking all of the suitors. Odysseus says “ now watch me hit a target that no man has hit before, 5/6 if I could take the shot help me Apollo.”(XXII. 5-6) Then he shoots Antinoos, in one shot. Odysseus executes it in a way so that the suitors think it's an accident. This quotation exhibits skillfulness because Odysseus announces that he is going to shoot antinoos just in a discrete way, but also says he is adept enough to do so . Odysseus’ skillfulness is this shown through the epithet “a man skilled in all ways of contending”(460). This epithet proves skillfulness because Odysseus uses his skillfulness ways to cleverly and quickly solve a problem, in this case the problem being the suitors’ disrespect and disloyal ways. Odysseus is skillful when executing his plan to kill the suitors and is smart and able when doing

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