Dialogue Essay: The Legend Of Jackson's Hero

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Five year old Jackson pressed his face against the cold window, as he gazed out, watching the sparkling water droplets hit the black pavement. A rainstorm had just swept through his city of Seattle, Washington. The skies were grey, and the wind whirled around the neighborhood.
Jackson smiled, quickly turned around, and begged his father, “May we please go out and play in the puddles today, daddy?”
“I have lots of work to do, but I suppose we can for a little while.” answered Erik.
“Thank you so much daddy! I love you!”
“I love you more!” responded Erik.
Jackson laughed, “I love you most!”

The duo put on their coats and rainboots and headed out the door. Jackson dashed outside, leapt into the air, and landed on a huge puddle. He laughed as …show more content…

“Mommy, help me!” Jackson cried faintly.
Jackson’s mother, Chyler was a surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital. She was a responder on the dangerous scene.
“You and your father will be just fine!” Chyler yelled back.
Another medical professional, named Ellen was on the scene. “Someone call Super Spectacular Saver!” she announced.
“Ok!” answered Chyler.
Super Spectacular Saver was the city’s hero. He rescued everyone in danger. Sure enough, just after the call was made, he came floating overhead of everyone there. “I’m here to save you all!” he yelled. He raised his gold Swifted Lifter out from his iron belt. He threw it over the hole and it returned to him. “Lift up, lift up, and free my people!” he hollered. That moment, everyone and everything floated out from the sinkhole. All the victims were safely let down, and no longer hurt. The whole disaster vanished! “Looks like my job here is done!” Super Sinkhole Saver said as he saluted to the people. Everyone rejoiced in celebration and waved to the hero.

Jackson ran into his mother’s arms and gave her a big hug. Erik came over and joined in the memorable moment. “I love you both, the most! Jackson said. The whole family laughed, and walked off into the

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