Examples Of Dialectical Journal For The Catcher In The Rye '

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Gloria Huang
Mr. Webster
English 10
30 October 2014
Missing Chapter Rationale My missing chapter focuses on Holden clinging on to the past, dreaming of Allie. I chose this because Holden always talks to Allie when he’s depressed, he’s scared of what will happen to his family when he dies, and he doesn’t want to grow up. He wishes that time would just stop. My missing chapter takes place right after chapter 14 (104) where Holden goes to sleep and he dreams of Allie. In his dream, Holden wakes up and sees Allie looking at his old baseball mitt. Holden and Allie gets out of the hotel room and goes for a walk which eventually ends up in the lagoon, where the ducks are. Holden then again asks Allie about where the ducks go in winter. Allie replies …show more content…

When I noticed our surroundings, we had somehow wandered to the park, at the lagoon, where I’ve always wondered about the ducks. Strangely, while there were no birds flying, no dogs, no animals, the ducks were there. And I could hear them quacking. “Hey Al, do you by chance know what happens to the ducks in winter?” “Oh, that old question that you always ask. I’ve heard you ask that question so many times. And well, I don’t know the answer for sure either. But I think that the ducks don’t die. They probably go somewhere. Maybe, they go home and be with their family.” “For chrissake Al, you know I can’t go home and all. Not just yet. They won’t expect me until Wednesday. ‘til then, I’m going to stay out here and enjoy my free …show more content…

Wait, how do you—oh right, of course, I forgot. You know Al, even though I miss her, I miss you even more. I really do. I wish it would be like this everyday. Just us, and maybe even Phoebs, horsing around in the park and all, just like when we were little.” “ Me too, it gets lonely here, no one to talk to. But it can’t. You have to go back. You’ve got a life to live. And know that wherever you are, whatever you do, I will always be with you. You can always talk to me you know?” “Yeah, I know,” I said. I tried to change the subject, as it depressed the hell out of me. “So, the ducks go home eh?” Allie smiled and said, “Yes. And you are just like a duck.” And then he pushed me into the pond. I woke up sitting bolt up right. It was only a goddam dream. Allie wasn’t really here. But after the dream, I knew that I had to visit Phoebe, whether my parents saw me or

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