Did The Constitution Create A More Perfect Union Essay

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Did the Constitution create a “more perfect Union?” After the American Revolution and The Declaration of Independence, America’s established its core government with the document known as the Articles of Confederation. The Articles possessed many structural weaknesses, mostly because it allowed states to operate like independent countries. The Articles of Confederation set up a government that consisted of a one-house body of delegates in which each state having a single vote. Acting collectively, these delegates could make decisions on certain issues that affected all the states. Due to its failure to establish an executive branch and a judiciary branch, an imbalance of power was created within the government itself. The notion of forming a “more perfect union” was a practical …show more content…

The U.S. Constitution signed September 1787, not only unified America as one nation, but it also enriched America’s core structure of government on a national scale. One cannot ignore the significant disunion that existed during the time of the Articles of Confederation. Due to the fact that the states were allowed to act like independent countries, Congress had insufficient power to make and enforce laws or collect taxes. Both the national government and individual states had acquired a substantial amount of debt due to the cost of the American Revolution and needed the means to pay for it. The main source of government revenue became tariffs imposed by each state. Some states instituted policies that placed tariffs on imports from other states, causing conflict amongst each other. The federal government’s inability to regulate trade between states and foreign nations would put the country into a disorganized and counterproductive economy. In addition to the internal issues, it posed the threat of countries such as England and France

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