Constitution Dbq Analysis

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Considered one of the most important documents in United States history, the Constitution was the basis of a government still functioning today. In the summer of 1787, 55 delegates from eleven of the thirteen states gathered in Philadelphia to fix the first attempt at a constitution, the Acts of Confederation. The government set up by this functioned so poorly that the entire document was scrapped thus making way for the Constitution. This provided a functioning government organized in a way that would eliminate any chance of a single party or person becoming a tyrant. The Constitution created an outline for a government with powers fairly distributed between the federal government, state governments, three branches of government and small…show more content…
This was the first error the delegates at the Constitutional Convention hoped to fix with the Constitution. In JAmes MAdison’s Federalist Paper #51, he explains that the power the people of the nation grants its government be divided into two separate government's, meaning state and federal, to ensure a “double security” on the people’s rights. This idea was referred to as federalism (Doc A). This division of power was set up in a way that both governments had specific powers that the other had no control over, which prevented either one form gaining all power. Tyranny was further prevented by both state and central governments sharing some powers, keeping each other in…show more content…
By splitting the power into a central and state governments, as well as dividing powers into three distinct branches, gaining all power became a feat much harder to achieve. By establishing a checks and balances system, no type of tyranny could even begin to form within a branch without being stopped by another. Finally, all states were given the representation they deserve, therefore stopping any one group from gaining too much power. With all the separation and limitations placed on all areas of the government any type of corruption can only go so far before being immediately
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