Essay On How The Constitution Guarded Against Tyranny

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Tyranny (The accumulation of all power… in the same hands whether of one, few or many) is everywhere whether you are a kid or and adult it's affecting you. In the summer of 1781 55 delegates representing twelve of the thirteen states met in philadelphia to fix the national government. The problem was that the existing government, under the article of confederation just wasn’t doing the job. It was to weak so the made a challenge to make a new central government. The constitution guarded against tyranny in four ways. The four ways they guarded against tyranny are federalism, separation of power, checks and balances, and small vs large states. The first protection against tyranny was federalism which means the balancing power between the nation government and the state government. …show more content…

The separation of powers help by having the legislative, executive, and judicial branch separated. Separation of power guarded against tyranny by separating them so the don’t join forces and gain to much power and change america. A third protection against tyranny was checks and balances which means to stop one branch from becoming too powerful. Checks and balances helped guard against tyranny by having them check each other and help each other if something goes wrong like how the executive can veto the law that the legislative makes. This help guard against tyranny because this lets the other branches check if one is gaining to much power. The final protection against tyranny was Large vs small states which means the balance between small and large states. This protects against tyranny by letting each state only get 2 senators which means they can only get 2 votes. The guarded against tyranny because if this wasn’t a thing then the large states would get to vote on anything like how taxes work for other

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