Did Theodore Roosevelt Win In The Election Of 1912

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As Theodore Roosevelt a candidate in the election of 1912 once said “It is the duty of the President to act upon the theory that he is the steward of the people, and… to assume that he has the legal right to do whatever the needs of the people demand, unless the Constitution or the laws explicitly forbid him to do it.” Theodore Roosevelt should be a candidate in the election of 1912 because he fought for trust busting, fought to regulate unfair business practices, he was a passionate conservationist. Which all were factors that made Theodore Roosevelt stands out above all the rest of the candidates. Theodore Roosevelt distrusted the wealthy businessmen and he wanted to get rid of the bad trust while allowing the good trusts to stay. He…show more content…
Roosevelt was the first president to create national bird reserves. He created 51 national bird reserves, 18 national monuments, and 150 national parks. For example, Roosevelt established the Grand Canyon in 1908 which is in Arizona. Also, some of the national parks that Roosevelt created are Carter Lake, Wind Cave, and Sully’s Hills. Roosevelt created the United States Forest Service because he wanted to protect lands and protect wildlife. Roosevelt was such a powerful conservationist that 7 years after he left from office there were 35 new national parks being managed and 23 of them Roosevelt created. Wilson and Taft could never come anywhere close to where Roosevelt was. For example, Wilson only protected 35 national parks by signing an act of the National Park Service. When Roosevelt protected/established 150 national parks. Taft on the other didn’t want anything to do with preserving natural resources and Taft fired Pinchot who was a friend of Roosevelt when he was dealing with policies regarding conservation. This was a bad move of Taft because the people liked Pinchot and this made the people loyal Roosevelt even
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