Differences And Similarities Between Halloween Enemies And Milky Way

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First, you can express yourself through your costumes. Halloween is the only day I can think of where people will let their craziness take over. For example, you can dress up as a monster, celebrity, or just a plain yellow banana. Many people can reveal themselves through what Halloween costume they choose to wear. Furthermore, people can make the costume their own by adding innovation and creativity to it. They can also enter in a costume challenge. Winning the costume challenge demands loads of respect from your friends. Secondly, you can request free candy from absolute strangers. Who does not like candy? Candy can come in all different shapes and sizes. My favorite candy is Milky Way. The phenomenal, milky chocolate dissolves in my mouth. Halloween candy can last you the whole year. Most children despite social class can participate in Halloween. …show more content…

These decorations can be creepy or humorous. Some decorations can be a complicated blow-up or just a straightforward pumpkin. It is up to you. Some people that live in my neighborhood go all out. They have over twenty decorations, and they host an annual Halloween party each year. Halloween costumes are magnificent with being overly expensive. Another reason is that you get to devour Halloween food. Whenever I think of Halloween, I think of food and candy. Even without the candy, Halloween still has stupendous food. For example, many people wolf down caramel apples, pumpkin pies, and apple pies. Moreover, this is basically the only time of the year where farmers can sell their

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